Wouldn’t it be great if all your appliances always worked perfectly? We know this is just wishing. Plus, if that were true, none of us would have jobs! But, thank goodness, your broken appliances are our bread and butter. Some companies are always ready to get your home back in order by fixing your appliances quickly and professionally. 

When your freezer won’t give you ice, you should check the ice chute first. Water can sometimes stay in the chute after the ice maker has given out ice. Since your freezer is cold, that water freezes and builds up as ice over time. At some point, the ice can get so thick that it stops the ice from the ice maker from going through the chute. You can contact refrigerators repairs. 

Angle the warm air toward the ice until it melts enough to slide through the chute. Voila! Problem solved! But if your ice chute is clean and it still won’t give out ice, you should call a freezer repair person to find out what’s wrong. 

How bad would that be? Not only might you have to pay to fix your fridge, but you might also have to throw the food you have in there that goes bad quickly. Another problem that could be caused by a simple problem is a fridge that seems warm. 

If the fridge is still warmer than usual, make sure nothing is blocking the condenser fan in the back of the machine. Clean the fan blades by hand and try to turn the fan by hand to see if anything is stuck inside. 

If none of the above measures fixes work, you’ll need to give us a call. Even if your refrigerator is no longer under warranty, we can quickly figure out what’s wrong and make the necessary repairs. 

If your fridge is broken, you should call an appliance repair service as soon as possible. When the fridge is warmer than usual, many of your perishable foods will only last about four hours, so time is of the essence. 

Another very common problem that might be easy to fix is a dryer that doesn’t work right. You might be surprised one day to learn that if your dryer can’t make enough hot air to dry your clothes, it might be because you haven’t cleaned out the lint trap. So, if that sounds like you, check your lint trap for buildup and clean it out. If you get rid of all the lint and there’s still something on the screen, it’s probably residue from fabric softener, which you can easily wash off with warm, soapy water. 

Clogged or blocked dryer venting is another common problem that can lead to a dryer that doesn’t work well and has another super easy solution. First, check to see if your dryer’s vent is blocked in any way, like by a kinked or crushed vent hose. If the hose is blocked, hot air can’t move through it as well, which hurts the performance of your appliance.